A little about the Little General Espresso bar

THEY might have named their new café The Little General, but owners and hospitality guns, Sal and John Navarra predict their coffee cubby in Sydney’s south will quickly lose the mini-me status and become the new crave space.

It’s a welcome addition to Belmore Road and the early morning rush line to the station. Commuters on the run can grab their fix from the street-side coffee-to-go window. For the rest of us there’s the homey café interior.

Architect Clelia Dal Col has expertly converted what was once a tobacconist into Riverwood’s newest hot spot. Exposed brick, beams and bulbs are made cosy with rustic timbers and quirky ephemera.

Expert baristas — driving one of Sydney’s first, Italian engineered Espresso Deck coffee machines — shoot for just the right balance in every Little General brew from a punchy espresso to a creamy latte.

A killer all-day small bite menu includes breakfast a favourite like zesty vodka cured salmon bagel with lemon mascarpone or for the sweets fans there’s nice cakes and other treats – even a daring new take on the old-school ice cream sundae!

Discover the Little General Espresso Bar – the newest kid on the block.